We pride ourselves on performing great services, the first time, by highly qualified service technicians. From maintenance to major repairs we use state-of-the-art equipment.

Services we offer:

  • Engine Drivability and Diagnostic: Check engine light, drivability issues and advanced diagnostics
  • Extended Warranty Work: you have the right to choose who does your warranty work
  • Brakes: state of the art on the car brake lathe, antilock brake systems
  • Suspensions: shocks, struts and steering
  • Air Conditioning and Heating Systems: heater cores, A/C compressors, system recharge
  • Fuel Systems: fuel injection cleaning and repair, fuel pumps
  • Exhaust Systems: catalytic convertors, mufflers, pipes, manifolds
  • Oil change
  • Cooling Systems: radiators, hoses, water pumps
  • Tune-ups: spark plugs, ignition wires, coils, fuel filters
  • Electrical: batteries, starters, alternators
  • Vehicle Inspection: free pre-purchase vehicle inspection, have us check it out before you buy it
  • Engine Services: timing belts, head gaskets, engine replacement
  • Accessories: power windows and locks, wipers, cruise control and more